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About us

GEOMAR is an Italian brand that was born as encounter between EARTH and SEA, inspiring by professional aesthetic world but realizing products with benefits derivate from Nature, effective and with a right price.

The same name “GEOMAR”, embodies this bond: it is union between Earth (Geo in latin) and the Sea (Mar = mare = sea in the Italian language).

The infinite power of the Sea and its reserve of essential minerals offer a source of energy and positivity for our physical well-being.


GEOMAR has individualized four of these precious sources and has introduced them in its products, based on Oligoelements from the Dead Sea.



The 4 sources of well-being: sea, mud, seaweed, salt


Rich in oligoelements, vitamins and amino acids seaweed plays a role in the mineralization which restores elasticity to the skin and reduces the appearance of fat tissues.



Salts are obtained by the natural evaporation of the sea. Thanks to their revitalizing action, they are suitable for the bath ritual. Salts from the Dead Sea are particularly rich in mineral active agents that have therapeutic properties much appreciated in thermal treatments.


The sea is a huge and impressive source of energy that supplies vital, healthy and natural elements. Its precious minerals make sea water an essential ingredient in the Geomar treatment line.


For ages mud has played a fundamental role in remedies for skin blemishes. A high concentration of clay in the mud makes minerals and oligoelements easily absorbed. Mud renders the skin radiant, stimulates transpiration and prevents the natural signs of aging.




Geomar a trusted ally for skin care

Italian women for years and years continue to choose Geomar as a trusted ally for the care of their skin


The ingredients from natural origin and the efficacy of the products remain Geomar one of the undisputed main protagonist of the Italian market in the cosmetics sector.

In particular GEOMAR is a MARKET LEADER in body treatment* with specific products against to unaesthetic signs of cellulite. The winning combination is: THALASSO SCRUB + MUD + TREATMENT CREAM. Try them all!

* IRI I+S+CT+LSP Data – June 2018



Geomar (Mirato Group) in USA

From today also in the USA there will be the possibility to prove the effectiveness and delicacy of Geomar products with all the security of an original made in Italy product.

Geomar is also synonymous with innovation and stability: the brand is an integral part of the Mirato group.

Mirato is one of the main protagonists in the Italian market for personal hygiene and beauty, and the company is among the leaders in all the main segments of personal hygiene and hair care in which her brands are present. The fame and reputation of its brands (Intesa, Clinians, Geomar, Breeze, Malizia, Nidra, ...) is a fundamental strength of Mirato, which serves as a guarantee and catalysator for the success of future developments and product launches within any one brand in the portfolio.